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Ink Pad Fingerprint Toys

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Ink Pad Fingerprint Toys

  • 20g of soft clay dough will produce 1 baby handprint or footprint of 0-6 months.

  • The clay will start the drying process when it exposure to light and air,the clay takes 24 hours to fully harden.

  • This super soft clay dough is a safe, non toxic and easy to use.

  • Very soft, smooth, non-sticky. Does not stick to your hands, super stretchy,Easy to dry, and it can help you record your babies growth process.

  • Lightweight Hand Inkpad, Growth Record, DIY Toy, Easy to Use.

  • Material: Natural Calcium Powder .


Instructions for use:

  • Take the product out of the package. 

  • Flatten into a circle or square.

  • Press fingerprint/footprint.

  • Put it in the air to dry.